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Furniture Design & Installation

Transform your workspace with quality furniture & design

Create the perfect working environment to enhance productivity, elevate employee engagement, and leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

Whether you need to furnish a single workspace or undertake a complete office redesign, our team of experienced and friendly experts specialises in developing tailored workplace solutions that are functional, comfortable, and stylish.

Explore the range

Space Planning Services

Our 2D and 3D CAD drawings serve as excellent visual aids to showcase the transformation of your space, and will help you examine your project from every angle. With meticulous attention to detail, our service assists in determining the feasibility of your design, allowing for swift adjustments along the way.

We understand that the well-being and safety of your employees are of utmost importance to you. That's why we strive to go the extra mile in ensuring our office furniture meets the latest regulations and provides optimal support for each team member. Working in collaboration with you, our team will help create an environment where productivity thrives, and your vision comes to life.

Ergonomic Workplace Assessment

Enhance the well-being, health and productivity of your employees. Take advantage of our ergonomic workplace assessment service, designed to improve efficiency, identify and remove the threat of accidents, and prevent musculoskeletal disorders and other injuries that can occur when working for long periods of time. Our extensive furniture selection encompasses height-adjustable desks, a diverse array of adjustable office chairs, and an assortment of other ergonomic solutions.

Office Chairs & Seating

Discover our exceptional range of office chairs and seating options crafted to fulfil your unique requirements. Whether you seek the breathability of mesh fabric or the luxurious touch of high-quality leather, our collection includes everything from executive chairs, meeting room chairs, and industrial chairs for workplaces such as factories or laboratories, as well as deep cushioned sofas and modular seating options.

Office Desks & Tables

Enhance your workspace with our versatile collection of office desks and tables, available in various colours, shapes and finishes. Find the perfect blend of style and functionality to meet your professional needs and choose from a variety of options, including straight tables, height-adjustable desks, heated desks and feet-adjustable workstations.

Storage Units

We provide a diverse selection of storage units and options that cater to offices of any size and budget. Our collection encompasses everything from filing cabinets and cupboards to bookshelves and heavy-duty racking for warehouses. Most of these items are available in a variety of materials, including metal or wood, as well as white and black finishes.

Reception & Breakout Furniture

Welcome guests with comfort and style using our high-quality reception and breakout furniture options. Our durable and stylish designs prioritise comfort, and our seating options are designed with the utmost care, using high-quality materials that provide exceptional support and cushioning.

Meeting & Conference Room Furniture

Whether you're in search of classic boardroom tables or a modern conference room setup, we offer meeting and conference room furniture that guarantees both comfort and a professional working environment. Our extensive selection of conference room furniture includes rectangular boardroom tables, circular tables, d-end tables, conference and meeting room seating.

Let's Talk

Invest in office furniture that goes beyond functionality. Bring style and comfort to your workplace and begin your journey towards a productive and impressive workspace.